Cultivating Knowledge

By linking the science and technology of agriculture, to the science and technology of everyday life, individuals will feel more confident in their food choices leading to a healthier lifestyle, healthier communities; and healthier farms.  

The PLANT Foundation works to educate youth using interactive technology about science through the basic principles of food, farming, and the environment. At its core our goal is to provide Science Through the Lens of Agriculture. This is done by facilitating science-based learning experiences directly into classrooms using video conferencing technology as the mode to connect, and agriculture as the platform driving the discussion.

The PLANT Foundation recognizes the opportunities technology brings to the classroom. It allows students to actively participate in the learning process. However, managing these tools and deciding the best way to incorporate technology into curriculum can be a daunting task. Students learn and retain information in multiple ways. What engages and excites one, may not be the same for another. Offering basic science principles through the lens of agriculture helps teachers incorporate technology into the classroom in a constructive and purposeful way. Since 2009, PLANT's Farm Academy Live program has reached nearly 100,000 students in over 30 states and four countries through an online interactive virtual program transmitted directly into the traditional classroom setting.

The foundation is looking for new ways to expand its Farm Academy catalog of classroom offerings and programming. We are committed to providing a comprehensive platform in all areas of farming by utilizing technology to reach students, teachers, and parents in a fun and fresh way.

The PLANT Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3, created to financially sustain Farm Academy Live.

Call us:   +1 (559) 633-3215

Offices in Hanford, Visalia, and Davis, California.

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