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Empowering the Agricultural Innovators of Tomorrow by Teaching Them Science Today

Connecting Science and Agriculture

PLANT launched Farm Academy in 2009 to create a connection between the science and technology of agriculture and the science and technology of everyday life for kids. This relationship allows students to think critically about agricultural issues. Farm Academy programs lead to a future where students see opportunities in agricultural careers, becoming the innovators of tomorrow and solving problems facing farming.

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FarmAcademy.TV is LIVE!  

Check out curated video lessons about science through the example of agriculture all in a safe and fun environment for all ages. 

Technology as a Tool

Farm Academy utilizes high-tech educational tools including interactive video conference, iPad apps, and streaming videos. These programs meet the needs of teachers in a rapidly changing tech-focused classroom environment. Our programs are designed to meet science standards for grades K-8 and career exposure for grades 9-12.

Farm Academy Programs

Farm Academy Live

Farm Academy Live provides virtual field trips to farms using interactive video conference technology. These fifty minute tours teach plant and animal science while meeting national science standards. The experience is made interactive by offering hands on activities to the students like ginning cotton by hand and mixing a feed ration for a dairy cow.

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infographic illustrates that Plant Foundation funds Farm Academy and Farm Academy is wholly funded by Plant Foundation

What teachers are saying

"As our town is agriculturally based, the content was very relative to many of the students whose families farm or ranch or run diaries. The other students learned more about an animal and the care that goes into it, as well as the production of our food."

   Amy Barnes & Jan Hardisty
   Third Grade, Farwell Elementary, Texas

"This hits so many standards that we teach in third grade in Social Studies and Science. I try to do these same things through the AIMS materials and had success. But it was so much more interesting to talk to the people who work with the cotton each and every day. It was great."

  Ronni Farrell & Susan Ramsey
  Third Grade, Bell's Crossing, South Carolina

"I appreciated greatly the presenter’s understanding of her audiences’ age. She taught them in an appropriate manner (6 year olds). The program had a variety of presentations- pictures, videos, and hands on components. This was the best IDL I have been a part of."

    Taryn O’Brien
     First Grade, Skelly Elementary, Kansas

What's New

The PLANT Foundation is currently implementing three new initiatives. These programs will expand on the success of Farm Academy Live by providing greater access to more students, teachers, and parents throughout the United States. Programs include: 

1. Expansion of Virtual Farm Field Trips through Farm Academy Live and new Farm Academy On-Demand. In addition to our current Dairy & Cotton programs, we will be adding several other live, interactive field trips to our offerings. New on-demand programs will be available to teachers, students, and parents in addition to the live versions.  

2. Agricultural career exposure: These highly engaging videos are designed to inspire a passion for learning science in children. A diverse group of agricultural professionals will describe what's fun and interesting about their role in the vast web of people required to produce food, fiber, & fuel.

3. Science through the Lens of Agriculture curriculum: STEM based curriculum that meets current needs of teachers in a high-tech classroom and satisfies Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) requirements. 

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