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Farm Academy Live offers classrooms virtual field trips to farms using interactive video conference technology. Trusted by teachers since 2009, 100,000 students across 33 states and four countries have benefited from this program. This 40-minute virtual tour of a farm teaches plant and animal science in-line with national science standards. The experience is enhanced by offering students the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities like ginning cotton by hand and mixing a feed ration for a dairy cow.

Farm Academy exposes students to career opportunities in agriculture regardless of where they live. Our programs create a connection between the science and technology of agriculture and the science and technology of everyday life. This connection is designed to ignite a passion for science in areas most central to the child’s life: food, agriculture and the environment.

Technology is changing the classroom, and we are developing new content to meet this demand. Our programs include apps, games, videos and other activities that engage students while demonstrating farming practices, all while meeting kids where they are: on their devices.

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MILK: From the Dairy to Your Door two children facing a cow An interactive adventure that teaches students about the life of a dairy cow and where the dairy products they have grown to love come from.

COTTON: From the Field to Your Family cotton An engaging journey that teachers students about cotton – the history behind  such a special plant and its importance today.

Programs Under Development

Farm Academy Live reaches up to 25,000 students per year through video conferencing, but our goal is to significantly increase that reach. PLANT launched three initiatives for 2018, including the production of a library of on-demand videos that use agricultural principles to teach STEM curriculum. Beyond teaching scientific concepts, these videos encourage students to consider careers in agriculture. Our videos will follow a “create once, use many” model, allowing content to live online forever at a cost of pennies per student.

In order to successfully produce the below initiatives, PLANT must raise a minimum of $340,000. However, production will begin as soon as the first dollar is secured. Once a video is produced, it will be made available to students around the world through the internet at no cost, and will live on forever.

Every donation takes us one step closer to developing valuable virtual science and agricultural content to students in classrooms and through their personal devices. Please consider making a contribution today.


Virtual Farm Field Trips (Live & On-Demand) 

Farm Academy Live has been such a success we are expanding our programs to include additional commodities and new on-demand programs. Our plans include:

  • Expand Farm Academy Live programs

  • Provide a full-circle tour of agricultural products from the child to the farm, the processor, the store, and back to the child.

  • In addition to our Dairy & Cotton programs, we will be adding new commodities including Tree Nuts, Citrus, Berries, Poultry and others. 

  • Create on-demand versions of “Live” curriculum. Streaming versions of our live programs provide much greater access to students, teachers, and parents.

Do you represent a commodity organization in the U.S? Please contact us for information on how you can participate in educating kids about the science of agriculture through our unique educational platform. 

Agricultural Career Exposure

These highly engaging videos are designed to inspire a passion for learning science in children. A diverse group of agricultural professionals will describe what's fun and interesting about their role in the vast web of people required to produce food, fiber, & fuel. 

  • Provide a look into the many career opportunities in agriculture and help viewers develop an understanding of the complex web of people required to bring food to the table.

  • A “Farm Day”-like presentation by an agricultural professional that describes how their production practices fit into the greater agricultural family.

  • Programs currently in development include:
    • DNA Lab technician
    • Spray rig operator
    • Drone engineer
    • Irrigation technology engineer
Do you love your ag job? We want to make a video about it. If you are passionate about what you do and are interested in sharing with kids around the world, please contact us.

Science through the Lens of Agriculture curriculum
    • These videos are designed to meet STEM and NGSS Science Standards for grades K-8. 
    • Highly engaging animated and mixed media “explainer videos.”
    • Meant to relate a single STEM principle of agriculture to something the child knows.
      • Programs currently in development include:
      • Recycling - How milk cows eat what we throw away 
      • DNA & The Genome - Finding pathogens in milk and pistachio trees 
      • Vaccination: Why animals are vaccinated 
      • Heat transfer - Measuring tree ET via conductance 
      • The Science of Water (Series)
    Do you love science? contact us. to see how you can inspire the next generation of agricultural innovators.

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